Not Enough Super


It’s an interesting comment – I don’t have enough Super!

According to the recent report produced by Superannuation provider – REST:

the number 1 reason why Australians are delaying their retirement is because they believe they don’t have enough super.

As an asset, Superanuation has some unique qualities:

  • There’s some tax benefits in paying into super
  • There’s a compulsory percentage of your salary you must pay into super
  • You can’t touch your money until retirement

So, is Super the best asset class for you?

That’s a tough question best had between you and your financial adviser. At Fincoach Direct, we look at consistent returns. Regardless if it is from a term deposit, super, property, shares – whatever!

We want to know what your expectations are and what risk you are comfortable with.

Do you have enough super? Why not contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.